A programming paradigm which allows programs to rebuild parts of themselves using gradient-based optimization

Differentiable Programming used to be a fancy term since its first appearance in 2014, described as “Differentiable Functional Programming” in this article. Described by Yann Lecun as “a generalization of deep learning” [1], many well-known AI researchers consider this type of programming the future of software engineering, also called Software 2.0.

In classical programming, we used to explicitly enumerate the set of instructions the CPU needs to execute in order to create our algorithm. Meaning that, at runtime, the program has sufficient knowledge to achieve its expected goal.

With differentiable programming, we want to build a new kind of programs…

Solve optimization problems elegantly using a linear programming approach in Python

Linear programming is a powerful tool widely used to solve optimization problems, but this method remains relatively unknown from the point of view of developers.

In this article, I’m going to explain the fundamental principals of linear programming and then apply these principals to a concrete daily life problem.

Linear programming consists to apply mathematical models to linear problems in order to maximize or minimize an objective function respecting some constraints. So it can used to solve any problems that can be represented as a linear function with some parameters and constraints. …

Is it worth it to use Clean Architecture in 2021? I will show you some patterns that can be used efficiently in your applications using this architecture.

If you are reading these lines, you should probably know about Clean Architecture and you may hesitate when choosing one specific architecture for your whole project.

In this article, I will show you a way to implement Clean Architecture in a recent app and then give you an objective point of view of the pros and cons using this architecture.

Short reminder of Clean Architecture

The idea behind this concept is relatively simple: build a software architecture divided into independent layers in order to isolate the different concerns. By doing this, you can easily test your components and add or remove modules to your code…

If you are a Flutter developer using the Google Maps SDK in your app, you could have faced an issue using custom images, especially when resizing and cropping them; we will see how to achieve this in this article.

As you may know, the Google Maps SDK does not use native Flutter Widgets for the displaying of the marker icons but BitmapDescriptors. Basically, they can be built using an array of pixels forming an Image but we cannot use directly all the UI power of Flutter on them because they are not Widgets.

Since Google does not released any solution…


Tired of slow builds when using Firestore in your iOS or Flutter apps? Let me show you how to speed up build times with just a single line of code!

The Firestore SDK depends on hundred thousands lines of code which can take up to five minutes to build with some CPUs, so each time we need to build a project, the compiler will also build all the needed dependencies.

This time might be insignificant for enormous apps with little modifications but are a real problem when developers need to build regularly.

The idea behind this tip is to use…

Update your map instantly when the user switches the theme of the device ! (iOS / Android)

Nowadays, it is common to use applications that handle the dark mode on any devices (ex: Facebook, WhatsApp, native apps…). Since it was launched with iOS 13 and Android 10, the dark mode could be pretty hard to implement in an old project if nobody took care about that before you. That’s why you should try to manage it as soon as possible when starting a new project !

In Flutter, we can easily change the theme of our app by changing the…

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